Only those who don’t believe in limitations, will acquire technological progress.

Innovation technologies

E-mobility requires innovative ideas and progressive solution for the storage of energy
We develop and manufacture high-performance drive systems for nautical applications
We aim to fully exploit the potential of electrification and digitalization, according to state-of-the-art technologies


690 V   80 kWh

Modular – scalable – compatible. These three key-features allow our battery system to be applicable to watercrafts and other applications of various types and manufacturers.

Featuring longevity and high energy density our battery embodies the heart of our electric propulsion system. The lightweight aluminum stacks allow it to store a maximum of energy at a minimum of weight, which leads to pioneering efficiency.



High performance engine
600 hp   800 Nm   6.000 rpm

Our high-performance engine generates excellent power and torque density. Progressive engineering has led to our engine offering a maximum of power on a minimum of space. As a result of improved manufacturing, production requires significantly fewer materials which promotes sustainability and provokes ultimate on-board weight distribution.

High performance engine


Our electric propulsion system solution focuses on interdependency rather than independency. Exceptional efficiency can only be granted if all elements are ideally interrelated with one another. Besides emphasizing an interdependent approach, we build upon exact precision in terms of engineering and coordination. All proportions are measured down to the finest detail, to guarantee extraordinary performance and safety. Besides that, modularity allows us to tailor every system to each individual watercraft to liberate the ultimate potential.

Digital interface

Interface from smartIQ

The digital interface specially developed by smartIQ is, in addition to state-of-the-art features, strongly geared towards usability and safety. The IoT (Internet of Things) connection allows the owner to access relevant user data, such as battery status or location, at any time. The timeless design enables the pilot to comprehend relevant information within seconds and enhances an optimum of usability. In addition, the software integrates several safety-features as well as an intelligent security system. Owners have the possibility to create personalized user profiles, which can be given individual access allowances. The intelligent security system recognizes risk situations itself and thus provides cutting-edge safety.

Interface from smartIQ


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